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I don't know well the difference of the following two expressions...
"keep doing"
"keep on doing"

Is "keep on doing" more repeating feeling than "keep doing"?

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One of my favorite web contents for training listening skills, "Mystery Speakers", was updated.


This time I could imagine roughly the answer on the first time, but I couldn't answer correctly the questions.
Never give up...

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A few hours ago, I challenged a Skype chat with a native teacher in English for the first time.
I felt just a little bit nervous! (w)

We met at his beginner's business English class around 5 years ago. Recently he has started to give casual English conversation seminars once a week or two, and I took part in it with his invitation about 10 days ago.

Honestly I couldn't exactly talk with him fluently, but it'll be absolutely my first step!
Never give up!

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I'm not good at numeration in English.
The following is my learning memo.
(I'm not sure they require "and" or "comma-separated description".)

→ one
→ twelve
one hundred twenty-three
one thousand two hundred thirty-four
12,345 (1万2345)
twelve thousand three hundred forty-five
123,456 (12万3456)
one hundred twenty-three thousand four hundred fifty-six
1,234,567 (123万4567)
one million two hundred thirty-four thousand five hundred sixty-seven
12,345,678 (1234万5678)
twelve million three hundred forty-five thousand six hundred seventy-eight
123,456,789 (1億2345万6789)
one hundred twenty-three million four hundred fifty-six thousand seven hundred eighty-nine

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On the site, TACHO-TADOKU STATION, you can browse many books for a-lot-of-reading and enjoy trial listening. It's free♪

I really appreciate Internet technology why we can get materials for learning language easily.

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Lang-8 is a Language Exchange SNS.
If I write a diary in English, the native members of Lang-8 will correct it voluntarily. Sure, I can try to correct diaries written by members learning Japanese in overseas.

Actually, I have already registered with the site 7 months ago, but I have had no courage to write a diary in Englis.

I would like to upload my English-diaries proudly someday.

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My husband, OYABIN, went to Las Vegas on business all last week.

He came back and now he seemed to be thinking that it is necessary for him to learn English more.
So I suggested him to study English together by using this book. (The book was his favorite one for studying English before his trip.)
But the method is still up in the air.

By the way...
The souvenir for me from him was a "Rubik's Cube" printed with the illustrations of the "m&m's" characters...

But WHY!?

*** NAGILOG 英研! *** (powered by LAAD)
a place where people try to win money by playing card games or ROULETTE

What's this?

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