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I'm interested in macrobiotics these days.
In macrobiotics, natural sweeteners like pure maple syrup or sugar beets are recommended.
So I bought a bottle of 100% pure maple syrup today.

Pure maple syrup is graded to 5 levels. Actually the "extra light" I bought is very transparent and the most expensive level.
It's neat sweet taste.

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I had a Korean lunch that is buffet style with my friend.
We decided the one of 6 kinds of Sundubu first and then enjoyed the all-you-can-eat Korean buffet.

"Sundubu" is a raw bean curd ("zaru-dofu" in Japanese) stew.
The taste can be somewhat spicy, but very tasty like "Chige-nabe".

Healthy and tasty Korean buffet was great.

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The sweet pickled Japanese apricot is ready.
All I can do is wait!

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I got about 3 kilograms of Japanese apricot and 4 packs of vinegars for pickled shallots from my mother.
Since my mother had gotten the Japanese apricot weighing about 12 kilograms from her sister (my aunt), she shared it with me.

I have always wanted to make sweet pickled Japanese apricot since last year.
That's good for me♪

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My husband, OYABIN, sometimes visits Osaka on business. Last time he bought a "curry senbei" of JIYUKEN as a little souvenirs.
He liked it very much rather than me. After then he checked the website of JIYUKEN soon and mail-ordered a curry-set on the website on the same day. -w-

We have brown rice usually but white rice matches it better, I think.

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I filleted sardines by hand and made Japanese-style sardine marinade.
After then I soaked sardine bones and flakes into salt water and dried them to make "bone-senbei".
Lastly they'll be french-fried.

Incidentally, the cylinder-shape drying net was sold at 100-yen shop.
(the price is 100 yen)

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I love Asian foods, especially Thai food.
And Indian food is a close second.
In addition to Vietnamese food and Korean food are my favorite, too.

But unfortunately I missed annual Thai food festival held in Yoyogi park on May this year.
What a pity!

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I like "Sake-toba" that is dried salmon.
It's very tasty not only sake-meat but also its skin.
Heat the sake-toba-skin put on a plate in a microwave oven for about one and half minutes. (500W-600W)
Then it's crisp and crunchy!

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Yesterday, my sister and I gave a handmade-pain de mie class as the present of mother's day for our mom.
Actually, the class teacher was my sister who goes to a bread school, and I was her assistant.
(I had taken her lesson of pain de mie once before.)

Our mom often made homemade-buns for us when we were child. She seemed to be recalling that and enjoyed our present.

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I like to make a strawberry jam.
It's one of my little pleasures of the season.
Homemade jam isn't so sweet since I can adjust the amount of sugar.
That's healthy and tasty!

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I french-fried boiled soba noodle.
Actually, it is a leftover "zaru-soba". (w)

In my childhood, my mother used to make it as healthy snack for my sister and me.
We loved this snack and called it "SOBA-AGE".

It's one of my "mother's home cooking".

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The day before yesterday, my younger sister shared some of bamboo shoots, which were given to her from someone, with me.
Of course, she had already precooked them♪
That's very nice of you, my great sister!
Then I cooked them and made a "Wakatakeni" yesterday.
The fresh bamboo shoots are yummy!

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I love ginkgo nuts (in Japanese, GIN-NAN).
So I'm happy this time of year, it's ginkgo nuts season.
Do you like it? If you do so, I'll tell you how to cook them easily to eat.

【necessary things】
・ginkgo nuts (coverd with husks)
・brown envelope (size: about 10cmx20cm and well-thick)

1) Put the ginkgo nuts and salt in a brown envelope.
2) Fold the edge of the envelope to close.
3) Put the envelope into a microwave.
4) Heat it for around two and half minutes. (You don't need to crack the husks of ginkgo nuts previously.)
5) When two or three ginkgo nuts blow up, it's the time to eat!

Isn't it super simple cooking?

Just take my word for it and try it!

*** NAGILOG 英研! *** (powered by LAAD)
the bean of an Asian plant from which oil and food containing a lot of PROTEIN is produced

What's this?

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