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I love ginkgo nuts (in Japanese, GIN-NAN).
So I'm happy this time of year, it's ginkgo nuts season.
Do you like it? If you do so, I'll tell you how to cook them easily to eat.

【necessary things】
・ginkgo nuts (coverd with husks)
・brown envelope (size: about 10cmx20cm and well-thick)

1) Put the ginkgo nuts and salt in a brown envelope.
2) Fold the edge of the envelope to close.
3) Put the envelope into a microwave.
4) Heat it for around two and half minutes. (You don't need to crack the husks of ginkgo nuts previously.)
5) When two or three ginkgo nuts blow up, it's the time to eat!

Isn't it super simple cooking?

Just take my word for it and try it!

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