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【book one of H.P. is reading】
'My' Harry Potter still cannot meet Rubeus Hagrid who is the keeper of keys and grounds of Hogwarts.
But Harry's birthday is coming just around the corner!

Make a wish, Harry!!
(↑ Harry's lines in the movie)

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06:35 | Harry Potter 1st
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My "gremz" of this web page is 381 days old today.
However, it has never become a mature tree yet, because of my poor postings on the past.

Sorry, gremz. I've been doing my best.
I swear to change you into a great mature tree ASAP!

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07:00 | Wakuwaku
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Yesterday, I stumbled and hitted my little finger of toes at a net window's frame when I was coming back to my house after I told kittens in the our tiny garden not to trick. -w-
It has been still swollen a little...

Mmm... Bad luck.

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I wonder where they have come from...
A mom cat and her four kittens are in our garden these days.
We can't feed them because we live in an apartment. Besides we worry that next doors think we are feeding them...
However, I think kitties are too young to get away yet.
But they are wanton kittens.

Well... What can we do?
My sandals are moved out here and there every morning.

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A few hours ago, I challenged a Skype chat with a native teacher in English for the first time.
I felt just a little bit nervous! (w)

We met at his beginner's business English class around 5 years ago. Recently he has started to give casual English conversation seminars once a week or two, and I took part in it with his invitation about 10 days ago.

Honestly I couldn't exactly talk with him fluently, but it'll be absolutely my first step!
Never give up!

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04:02 | Study
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Yesterday, my sister and I gave a handmade-pain de mie class as the present of mother's day for our mom.
Actually, the class teacher was my sister who goes to a bread school, and I was her assistant.
(I had taken her lesson of pain de mie once before.)

Our mom often made homemade-buns for us when we were child. She seemed to be recalling that and enjoyed our present.

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02:24 | Food
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I tried a self-service car wash yesterday.
It was a new experience for me to use the self-service car wash equipment.
However, the washed one was my motorbike.

The equipment could be used for 600 yen for 6 minutes.
(the course was "clean water → with detergent → clean water")

Say, I could see a rainbow during washing!
Hum... That's fun.

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02:08 | Wakuwaku
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I bought a folding parasol the day before yesterday.
I knew that the black color can block ultraviolet rays most. However, this bright-orange parasol is covered with the extinction efficiency cloth (the first class), so it's almost perfect.

The technology development of textile industry will create the colorful world.

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00:08 | Goods & Tool
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I like to make a strawberry jam.
It's one of my little pleasures of the season.
Homemade jam isn't so sweet since I can adjust the amount of sugar.
That's healthy and tasty!

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00:46 | Food
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My husband, OYABIN's a billiard player.
He sometimes takes part in house tournaments of pool halls. (It's not so big tournaments...)

Then, a while ago, he came back and handed me a small envelope something was written.

I looked at it...
Wow! He won the 2nd place and some cash award!

When I told him I'll upload his story to my blog, he seemed to be so happy. (w)

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03:32 | Life
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I met Siropan-san who is my friend, and superior person of a-lot-of-reading a couple days ago.
She is also an aroma therapist, and she does aura-soma consultations.

At her aura-soma consultation as my birthday present before, I was recommended the bottle of #B97.

This time, she brought me the bottle I ordered...
That's very nice of you, Shiropan-san!!

I'm sure the bottle will lead me to the right direction.

【aroma relaxation salon blanc
【Mon blanc voyage】

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23:22 | Wakuwaku
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I'm not good at numeration in English.
The following is my learning memo.
(I'm not sure they require "and" or "comma-separated description".)

→ one
→ twelve
one hundred twenty-three
one thousand two hundred thirty-four
12,345 (1万2345)
twelve thousand three hundred forty-five
123,456 (12万3456)
one hundred twenty-three thousand four hundred fifty-six
1,234,567 (123万4567)
one million two hundred thirty-four thousand five hundred sixty-seven
12,345,678 (1234万5678)
twelve million three hundred forty-five thousand six hundred seventy-eight
123,456,789 (1億2345万6789)
one hundred twenty-three million four hundred fifty-six thousand seven hundred eighty-nine

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22:49 | Study
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On the site, TACHO-TADOKU STATION, you can browse many books for a-lot-of-reading and enjoy trial listening. It's free♪

I really appreciate Internet technology why we can get materials for learning language easily.

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I french-fried boiled soba noodle.
Actually, it is a leftover "zaru-soba". (w)

In my childhood, my mother used to make it as healthy snack for my sister and me.
We loved this snack and called it "SOBA-AGE".

It's one of my "mother's home cooking".

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I chatted on Skype with my friend in Ireland. She has been a working holiday-maker for around four months.
And she has wanted to get a job there and been doing job hunting.
It seems to be so hard, but she is trying harder.

I really wish you a good luck from Japan!
Never give up!!

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Lang-8 is a Language Exchange SNS.
If I write a diary in English, the native members of Lang-8 will correct it voluntarily. Sure, I can try to correct diaries written by members learning Japanese in overseas.

Actually, I have already registered with the site 7 months ago, but I have had no courage to write a diary in Englis.

I would like to upload my English-diaries proudly someday.

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【book one of H.P. is reading】
'My' Harry Potter has grown up to be 10 years old in Dursley's house at last. Dudley is counting his birthday presents.

Say, when I found the sentence about Harry's bright green eyes, it reminded me of one something...

Daniel, who plays Harry, has clear blue eyes.

It's a near-miss! (for me...)

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00:34 | Harry Potter 1st
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When I came back home, I would like to have had "my" ice-cream but I couldn't find it.

"Hey! Did you snitch my ice-cream I've saved?"
I asked my husband, OYABIN.
"What? I don't know." he replied.

"You liar. No doubt you did."
"Non, I don't know. I guess that the thief was a mouse."

"(What!?) Hmm... that makes sense. What a polite mouse to eat the ice-cream with a spoon and throw out the empty cup to the garbage box." I gave him sideways glance.

"Hahaha...! You win! I did. Sorry...(w)"

I could arrest the "thief-rat" safely, but my ice-cream had vanished away.

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14:07 | Life
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The day before yesterday, my younger sister shared some of bamboo shoots, which were given to her from someone, with me.
Of course, she had already precooked them♪
That's very nice of you, my great sister!
Then I cooked them and made a "Wakatakeni" yesterday.
The fresh bamboo shoots are yummy!

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00:43 | Food
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I'm trying "KOTSUBAN SQUAT" to reduce my weight a little these days. It only takes three minutes a day for the exercise.
Wondering, can I reap big reward?

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03:22 | Life
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I tried changing the service provider of my blog, I thought FC2 blog is convenient.
Especially, customizing the templates.
Because the system has friendly windows for customizing the HTML of blog templates and preview functions.
That's fun!

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12:22 | Wakuwaku
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I have moved my blog for output in English here.
I would like to upload my articles as often as possible, even if it will be short sentences like "twitter".

I'll do my best. (maybe...w)

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01:47 | Wakuwaku
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